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Searches will reveal a great deal of information about the property you are purchasing, such as whether you will have to pay any hidden charges of ownership, whether your property is close to any new road schemes or railway schemes, whether any alterations to the property were carried out legally within the conditions of the planning permission, or whether planning permission was obtained at all.

Health Risks

The health risks associated with some of the risks are well documented and being covered in the press with increasing regularity, your family may live in the property you purchase for many years to come.

Your choice of property with the help of our report and certificate will ensure that you are not subjected to prolonged exposure to these risks to family health.

Many properties receive a clean bill of health from our Report & on the basis of the report a Certificate is issued by environmental consultants. The purpose of the environmental certificate is to assist the purchaser or conveyancer in assessing the implications of certain environmental risks identified in the homecheck professional report. Such risks are identified from 10 key recorded land uses which on their own or in combination and subject to their proximity could lead to the property being described as ‘contaminated land’. 

Local Authority Search Network Limited is an established professional search company, who has amongst its clients, Major Developers, Local Councils, Pension Funds, quality established Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers. Fully Trained Professional researchers visit all the relevant Local Authority departments. All searches are covered by professional indemnity insurance.

We have over the years forged links with other similar search companies around the country, who meet the same rigorous standards of professionalism. Through these links we offer a Search service covering the whole of England and Wales.

Our usage of the latest technology has enabled us to return searches within hours using the quickest method available to assist our clients. We have accounts with the National Land Information Service (NLIS) and we are partners with the leading providers of environmental risk information.