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Searches will reveal a great deal of information about the property you are purchasing, such as whether you will have to pay any hidden charges of ownership, whether your property is close to any new road schemes or railway schemes, whether any alterations to the property were carried out legally within the conditions of the planning permission, or whether planning permission was obtained at all.

Why an environmental search?

What the Local Authorities do not reveal

Local Authorities are required to keep a register of contaminated land, however many Local Authorities have yet to compile their register, and invariably the answer to CON 29 question 16A will be non-committal.

Your clients could and should know about the following risks within 500m of the residential property they are purchasing.

Local Authority Search Network, a market leading provider of Personal Local Authority Searches, and partners with all of the leading envirnmenta data providers, are now able to provide a comprehensive Environmental Risk Report at a fee of only £43.92 inc. VAT.

The report is compiled using data supplied under licence by the following official sources The Environment Agency, Ordnance Survey, the Valuation Office, the Health & Safety Executive, the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, British Geological Survey, The Coal Authority.

These reports could protect both yourselves as legal representatives and your clients as property owners from potentially massive costs associated with cleaning up land subsequently identified to be contaminated land under the Environment Act 1995.

“Potential buyers should be made aware of the consequences of past contaminating activities on the land they want to purchase”  - The Law Society Conveyancing Handbook“A solicitor's failure to deal adequately in appropriate cases with risks associated with buying land may well be classed as negligent” - The Law Society Environment Handbook

To request a search please click the link below, print the instruction and send by fax or email and your report will be dispatched the same day.

Terms of business

The Residential Report covers a 500m radius.

The commercial report covers a 1000m radius and is recommended for all commercial property, industrial units and land.